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NVR Import & Export Ltd was established in 2018 in Ningbo, China and has operated as a trading and sourcing company for the last 4 years. We are specialized in assisting organizations that are looking for secure and reliable procurement and sourcing solutions in China and Southeast Asia. In February 2020, we teamed up and entered a joint venture partnership agreement with a trading and sourcing company from Hong-Kong with 18 years of experience. With our shared resources, we have expanded and broadened our procurement & logistics services. We now have more people on the ground with offices in Hong-Kong, Ningbo, Yiwu and Guangzhou to continue working successfully with our current clients and to take on more clients keeping high efficiency and vetted quality. NVR Import & Export Ltd continuously strives to share its values by guiding and supporting their customers advantageously through each step of the purchasing process. By adapting quickly and explaining in detail the real options you have, we don´t waste your precious time, making us a company you can trust.

Our Team

Victor Brunet, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, fluent in English and French.

He arrived in China in 2015 as an exchange student from the International Business School ESCEM in France where he graduated from. Victor´s business experience covers sales manager, international sourcing and procurement, digital business and marketing development, finance analytics and 7 years of auto entrepreneur´s experience. 

He was born in France and spent most of his childhood in the city of Tours, a historic French town surrounded by castles and vineyards. His French mother arrived in France at the age of 11 from Morocco. She worked as an agent for the National government employment center. His French father was a soldier in the French Air Force and ended his career as an entrepreneur specialized in magnets and minerals. Victor is a real Otaku, a fan of Japan and Asian culture, always looking for a new manga to read. 

Amie Blomquist, Co-founder and Managing Director, fluent in English and Swedish. Chinese HSK 4.

She arrived in China for the first time in 2012 to study Intercultural communication & management for a one-year diploma. She moved permanently to Ningbo, China in 2014. She holds her Bachelor´s degree from the Zhejiang Wanli University in Supply Chain Logistic Management and her Master´s degree in Logistic Engineering. In 2020 Amie joined the advanced negotiation course at Scotwork (SE) and certified Scotwork diploma. Amie´s business experience extends over 10 years in a variety of Global trading companies in China as sales manager, global sourcing specialist, procurement manager and supply chain analytics consultant. 

She was born in Malmö, south of Sweden and lived most of her life in a small town named Ystad before moving to China. Her Swedish mother is a senior high school teacher at a Highschool of Svedala. Her Danish/Swedish father is Managing director and co-founder of his own company in business consulting. On a more personal level, Amie loves to meet her friends for “Fika » which is coffee time in Swedish and she is practicing boxing every week as her hobby. In her spare time, she organizes events for the local Scandinavian community in Ningbo and likes to arrange networking sessions with people from all around the world.

 Lillian Zhang, Chief Financial Officer, fluent in English and Chinese.

She is originally from Ningbo but grew up in the city of Guangzhou, South of China, where she graduated from Guangzhou Transportation University. Her major was in computerized accounting. She has 15 years of experience in accounting and in finance involving manufacturing, trading and service industries.

In 2007, she moved back to Ningbo, where she settle down and met her husband. On a more personal level, Lilian likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also has a profound love for reading and likes to go swimming every weekend. 

 Elles van Hettema, Global Sourcing Specialist, fluent in English and Dutch.

She arrived in China in 2015 to work for a trading company in Ningbo, China. She holds her bachelor´s degree from Stenden University in Business and Retail Management. Since then, she has work experience in global trading and is a sourcing specialist, now with 7 years of experience in fabrics, garments and home accessories. 

She is from a city called Zeewolde, in the Netherlands. In her free time, she likes to do road biking and hiking in the city or in the Siming mountains and beautiful nature in the countryside of Ningbo. 


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