Our company has been committed for years to follow and help our customers through each step of the purchasing process and thus facilitate and optimize all your procurement and logistics projects. We only work with trusted suppliers that we have vetted beforehand to offer you the most suitable options. Having direct seller contracts with all our manufacturers and suppliers, we promise the best market prices for optimal quality of your products. The comparative advantages of our company are the administrative security that is essential to protect every party included in a current deal, and the fact that we and our teams are currently on site in our offices in China, greatly facilitating any request orders as it gives us the opportunity to see our suppliers, partners and clients face to face. We promise efficiency and safety to all potential companies who will trust us.

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Sourcing and Procurement

Our team is here in China to understand your requests and move forward with you until the final result is discounted. The right price for the right quality, a tailor-made solution, risk management consulting linked to the Supply Chain and the most suitable manufacturers at our disposal to maximize your chance of profit.

Freight & Logistics

Together with dozens of well established International logistics companies, getting your finished goods to your doorstep or desired address is our mission. From choosing your freight to paper work and custom clearances, we take care of everything. 


Working only with trusted partners, we promise efficient manufacturing sourcing techniques for you to take advantage of your own economy. And each of them will be chosen for you according to your needs and requirements.

Quality Control

We provide quality control services that include product inspection, supplier factory audit, container loading supervision, supplier quality management and on-site production monitoring.

Business training courses

We work in partnership with BellBlomquist Consulting (BellBlomquist Consulting – Consulting Coaching Training Project Managementsince 2018. Based in Sweden and China, our team has jointly over 60 years of knowledge, experience and skills in our different businesses. 

Sales Training, Management Systems, Facilitation, Consultation, Coaching, Mentoring, Tutor, Sales Manager, Licensed Course Leader, Account Manager, HR, Health & Safety, Environment, Win back Account Manager, Project Manager, Audits, Lead Auditor, Marketing Manager, Regional Manager, Protective Security, Business Development, Course Development

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